Function that performs various generic checks to ensure that the database has the correct format

checkFormat(report, convertDates = FALSE, dateFormat = NULL, verbose = TRUE)



(list). A list containing the base and in which will be stored reporting variables. The base is a patient discharge database, in the form of a data.table. The data.table should have at least the following columns: sID: subjectID (character) fID: facilityID (character) Adate: admission date (POSIXct, but character can be converted to POSIXct) Ddate: discharge date (POSIXct, but character can be converted to POSIXct)


(boolean) TRUE/FALSE: whether the dates should converted. Default is TRUE.


(boolean) The format of date as a character string (e.g. %y%m%d for 20190524, or %d-%m-%y for 24-05-2019).


(boolean) print diagnostic messages. Default is FALSE.


Returns either an error message, or the database (modified if need be).